Hello there.

My name is Juan, nice to meet you. I've been pretty busy editing, designing, animating, and producing for about 6 years now. I can take ideas and I put them out there for you in the best possible way. I spent 3 years at one of the top Spanish TV networks in the country, Estrella TV. In my time there I was an editor, graphic designer, and assistant art director for a few of the top TV shows they had, such as "Estudio 2" and "Noches Con Platanito". From designing show branding to co-ordinating live-studio graphics, my time spent there was invaluable. 

Fast forward to today. I am part of a creative powerhouse team based in Santa Monica, CA called Evolution LA, a top tier Creative Marketing Agency geared towards servicing the creative needs of companies ranging from Paramount to Disney Interactive. My many roles there include post-production manager, motion designer, and associate producer on some of entertainments most high-profile entertainment properties. 

So yes, I am taken, so to speak. However, in my free time I love collaborate with individuals and companies alike to make some visually compelling content, whether you just need some titles for you pet project or a full-on visual masterpiece, I can lend a hand.

Oh and I went to UC Santa Cruz for my formal Film/Digital media training. It was a good time. I have pics.